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About Us

That just about sums up our ethos; where the pioneering efforts of a dynamic team of entrepreneurs have carved a niche for GTel, as a globally reputed Partner and Business Comrade.

With the assurance of delivering solutions that are on Time, on Budget and on Target, the Team at GTel is committed to integrating quality principles throughout all business dealings. All transactions, be they internal, with clients or service providers, follow stringent quality certified processes.

With a strong emphasis on servicing the " internal customer ", every GTel member is assigned a customer. For some, the client may be under the same roof while for another it could be offshore account management. Whatever the method deployed, every GTel member is deemed responsible to provide customers with timely updates relating to information and deliverables, in achieving pre-agreed targets.

Our Team is also deeply knowledgeable in multiple business functions, with a sound understanding of the various industry verticals we cater to. As such, we are genuinely committed to delighting our partners and customers by further exploring their needs, all the while demonstrating professionalism to the highest degree.

Managing Directors Message

As the founder of Gtel International I have had the priviledge to witness its growth peneterating from Information & Technolology and into other dynamic and progressive business units such as Telecommunications,Transportation, Auto Engineering, Infrustructure & Agriculture, while I envison a further growth in the ongoing business sectors and futher projecting exponential expansion and devolopment. Further we are built on the concept of parterning, where we establish many successful partnerships which has aided us to support throughout our many progressive business units performing constantly to achieve excellence.

We look to the future as a committed unit to further develop the company strength as a secure and vibrant work place for its people. Their initiative and efforts will create the future of Gtel International. We have a fiduciary duty to our customers and business partners. We care for the community and the environment, delivering the maximum benefits of responsible business practices and take responsibility to protect them.